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Size Guide

Adequate file size depends on multiple factors, including the type of product you are ordering. Larger/higher quality files will produce higher quality prints. JPG file sizes will vary based on the complexity of the image.

Below is a chart indicating our digital file recommendations. File sizes listed are based on an average image with minimal compression. Smaller files may produce acceptable image quality.

Print Size Pixels JPG File Size
4x5.4/4x6 600x900 400 KB
5x7 750x1050 400 KB
8x10 1200x1800 962 KB
11x14 1650x2100 1.3 MB
12x18 1800x2700 3 MB
16x20 2400x3600 4 MB
20x24 3000x4500 5.5 MB
30x40 4500x6000 11.5 MB
36x48 5400x7200 17.1 MB
40x60 6000x9000 21.3 MB

Go big, or go small

Our production lab is capable of
producing the smallest print size of 2½ x 3½" all the way up to 40x60"

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