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Photo Restorations

Preserve priceless family memories by having your damaged or faded photos digitally restored to their original condition. We can fix spots, scratches and tears, restore color, replace backgrounds, remove people & much more!

Harold's Photo will scan your original photo and our digital artists will improve and repair your image. Then we'll produce a quality photographic print that will last for years to come. Your image will be saved onto a USB for easy reordering. Bring in your damaged photo(s) for an estimate.

Photo Retouching

Your original image is digitally scanned, and imperfections are then removed or improved. We can remove tears or scratches, improve color and density, and even take out unwanted portions of the photograph. Service time 5 business days.

Family photos are priceless moments frozen forever in time. If some of your photos are damaged, our artists can professionally restore them to family heirlooms. Harold’s restoration services enhance color or B&W images to original brightness. We remove scratches, tears, cracks, stains, and other damage. We will carefully scan your original photo, restore the digital file, print a 4x6 proof, and return the restored digital image on a USB along with your original.

Trust Harold’s Photo to restore your family’s memories for generations to come.

Specific Photo Retouch Price
Date Removal $16.99
Glass Glare Reduction *per subject $24.99
Teeth Whitening *per subject $16.99
Pet Eye Reduction *per subject $16.99
Image Enhancement $16.99
Photo Inlay $16.99
Vignette (black or white) $16.99
Object/Flaw Removal $16.99
Subject Removal/Transfer *per subject $39.99
Shadow/Highlight Removal *per subject $29.99
Braces Removal *per subject $39.99
Background Change $39.99
Eye/Head Swap *per subject $29.99
Colorizing B/W Photo $59.99
Color Restoration $59.99

Photo Restorations

Family photos are priceless moments frozen forever in time.

Minor Restoration
This option is for photographs that have minimal damage to simple areas that do not include faces or details.
Moderate Restoration
This option is for photographs that have light to moderate damage to complicated areas that might include faces or details.
Complete Restoration
This option is for photographs that have heavy damage to complicated areas. This includes completely torn prints, partially missing images and damage to multiple persons.

Photo Enhancements

Designed specifically for people pictures and portraits. All minor, moderate and complete include brightness & contrast, color correction and general image enhancement.

Minor Enhancement
We’ll remove any obvious imperfections, fly away hairs or redness and clean up minimal blemishes or wrinkles.
Moderate Enhancement
We’ll remove moderate blemishes and smooth out skin. Prominent wrinkles & under eye bags will be reduced or removed.
Complete Enhancement
Major blemishes or wrinkles are removed and skin is smoothed. Features can be modified to minimize areas of concern; we can even give your body a nip and tuck. We’ll whiten teeth, add sparkle to eyes and shine to hair maximizing the image’s enhancement.