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Data Transfers

This service is specifically designed for customers wanting to transfer data from their mobile device or other storage devices, so they can clear the device or create a backup. Files transferred could include image files, video files and PNG files.

The Harold's data transfer service is designed to transfer data from your mobile or other storage devices to a data DVD or high-speed flash drive. By archiving your image and video files, you will be able to clear the storage on your device and have your archived files easily accessible. Harold's provides high-speed, high quality flash drives from 4GB to 64GB as part of the Data Transfer Service. DVDs are also available, however, we strongly recommend flash drives which allow you the ability to reorganize, delete or even add additional files at a later date. Service times vary.

Service Price
4GB USB Drive $24.99
16GB USB Drive $49.99
32GB USB Drive $69.99
64GB USB Drive $99.99
DVD $19.99
Index Prints 39¢ per Index Print
Image Catalog Starting at $19.99

Data Transfers from other older media types may be available. Check with a Harold's associate for more information. Data Transfers from cloud services may incur additional charges.