Retouching & Repair

Restoration and Repair

Preserve priceless family memories by having your damaged or faded photos digitally restored to their original condition. We can fix spots, scratches and tears, restore color, replace backgrounds, remove people & much more!

We will scan your original photo and our digital artists will improve and repair your image. Then we'll produce a quality photographic print that will last for years to come. Your image will be saved onto a disk for easy reordering.

Bring in your damaged photo(s) for an estimate!

Photo Retouching - Available in 5 business days

Your original image is digitally scanned and imperfections are then removed or improved. We can remove tears or scratches, improve color and density and even take out unwanted portions of the photograph.

You are welcome to order any size or quantity of print(s) from your repaired file at the same time as the repair work is being done OR anytime afterwards. All Retouching, Cosmetic Enhancement and Restoration services include a CD of the image at no charge. Prints are priced at standard digital print prices.

Note: it is our policy to make every effort possible to protect the rights of professional photographers. We will not accept clearly copyrighted work without the written permission of the photographer/creator.

The prices listed apply to retouching services only. Prints are priced at regular print from digital prices.

Date Removal
Glass Glare Removal
Teeth Whitening
Pet-eye Reduction
*Locket Photo
Image Enhancement
Photo Inlay
Vignette (Black or White)
Object/Flaw Removal
Eye or Head Transfer on Same Subject & Pose
Shadow Removal
Braces Removal
Background Change
Subject Removal or Transfer
Colorizing a B&W Photo

Difficult images may require additional charges. Our lab will contact you with an estimate if the service exceeds pricing listed.

*Lockets come in a variety of sizes . To ensure the correct fit please write the measurements of the photo area of the locket to be used in the special instructions area.

Photo Enhancements - Available in 5 business days

These enhancements are designed specifically for portraits and other pictures of people. Choose the service that best fits the level of improvement needed. All Enhancements include brightness & contrast, color correction and general image enhancements.

Minor Enhancement
We will remove any obvious imperfections, fly away hair trimmings, light birthmarks or redness and clean up minimal blemishes
Moderate Enhancement
We will reduce or remove prominent birthmarks, wrinkles, and under-eye bags and smooth out skin
Complete Enhancement
Major blemishes or wrinkles are removed and skin is smoothed to perfection. Features can be modified to minimize problem areas. We will whiten teeth, add sparkle to eyes and shine to hair maximizing image enhancement.

Photo Restorations - Available in 5 business days

Restoration services enhance Color or B&W images to original brightness. We remove scratches, tears, cracks, stains and other damage. Our lab will contact you if charges exceed the level chosen.

Minor Restoration
This option is for images that have minimal damage to simple areas that do not include faces or details
Moderate Restoration
This option is for images that have light to moderate damage to complicated areas that might include faces or details
Complete Restoration
This option is for images that have heavy damage. This includes torn prints, partially missing images and damage to multiple people or areas



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