SPECIAL NOTE - It is our policy to make every effort possible to protect the rights of professional photographers. We will not accept clearly copyrighted work without the written permission of the photographer/creator.

Scanning to DVD

Available on print sizes 2½x3½ to 8x12. Prints are scanned at the original size of the print with resolution of 300dpi. Front and back scanning counts as individual prints.

Preparing Prints for Scanning

• Loose prints only. Remove all prints from albums, envelopes or frames.
• Make sure all prints are facing the same direction.
• Remove all tape, staples, paper clips, glue or attachments from prints
• Prints must be numbered on the back when scanning in a specific order is requested.


Quantity Per/Print Index Print Image Catalog
Up to 34 $0.99
$3.99 min. charge
$0.59 X
35-50 $0.79 $0.89 X
51-100 $0.59 $1.19 X
101-200 $0.49 $1.99 X
201-400 $0.37 X $19.99
401-600 $0.29 X $29.99
601-800 $0.25 X $44.99
801-1200 $0.22 X $59.99
Over 1200 $0.19 X $79.99

Additional $1.00 per print charge applies to any damaged or mounted prints, prints smaller than 2.5x3.5 and prints larger than 8x12 but smaller than 11x17.

Additional Options

Additional Data DVD
Scanning Images in Order
25% of Scanning Price
Upgrade Resolution (600 dpi)
25% of Scanning Price
Saved to USB Flash Drive

Video Slide Show to DVD

Images are saved in a slide show format for viewing on television or computer.

Up to 500 Prints
Over 500 Prints
Additional Copies
$9.99 / DVD

Specialty Print Scanning

1200 dpi Hi-Res Scan

This scan is best utilized for obtaining the highest resolution scan from a small sized original. Ideally it is used when a customer has a small original like a 2.5x3.5 and they want to try and produce a much larger print like a 16x20.

As a general rule, scanning at 300 dpi will allow a customer to produce the same size print as their original. Scanning at 600 dpi will produce a print 2 times the original size. In most cases, scanning a print larger than 5x7 at 1200 dpi is unnecessary. Remember, a poor quality original cannot be improved by scanning at a higher resolution.

Larger than 12x18 up to 16x20
$39.99 / print
Larger than 16x20 up to 20x30
$54.99 / print
Larger than 20x30 up to 30x40
$74.99 / print
Over 30x40
Ask for Estimate

Scans completed with enough resolution to produce a print the same size as the original.

Product Creation Scans – All Harold’s gifts, books and calendars are created from a digital file. As a customer service, we will scan up to 15 prints at no charge for use in creating these items. If customers wish to keep these scan, they are subject to Print Scan pricing listed above.



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