The 35mm Slide Gather Box


The 35mm Slide Gather Box

For the photo lover, family historian, legacy seeker & passionate human, The 35mm Slide Gather Box allows you to easily organize 80 of your 35mm slides in a carousel, ready for Harold's Photo to digitize them.

Your slides, thumbnails of your images in an Image Catalogue & Data DVD will be returned to you as the final product.

Contents of The 35mm Slide Gather Box:

• 80 count Slide Carousel

• Pair of gloves

• Instruction sheet

Directions For Slide Carousel Tray Use:

❶ Unlock tray by rotating circular plate in the direction of the arrow marked unlock.

❷ Place slides into the slots of the carousel with film orientated horizontally.

❸ Replace the lock ring in the direction of the arrow marked lock until the ring is secure.

❹ Return carousel back into the gather box & drop off or mail to:

Harold's Photo
912 W. 41st Street
Sioux Falls, SD 57105

Final Product:

In 7-10 business days, Harold’s will return your slides scanned onto a data DVD. Also, the thumbnails of your images will be printed as a catalogue to enjoy, share & quickly locate digital file(s). We are happy to put digital files onto a flash drive or send as a link - just ask for details!


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