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Photo Metal Prints
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Why create metal prints from photos?

Bring your images to life! Metal is a modern look that brings an extraordinary feel to your images. Whether it’s for a bedroom, living room, office, media room or even a garage, metal allows your images to be displayed in a new light. With three different finishes to choose from, take your images from ordinary to extraordinary! Create metal wall art decor!

Product Description:

Prints on metal are made by sublimating the image onto a specially coated .045” aluminum. This results in an image that has more saturation and depth than traditional prints. Since there is no paper, water will not damage it and the aluminum can easily be cleaned with glass cleaner and a soft cloth.

Surfaces and Sizes:

White Gloss

It has the highest saturation and depth. It works great with people and scenery photos, giving them a very vivid appearance and high sheen. Colors and whites remain natural – whites will be white. The high gloss will show reflections.

White Satin

Gives a soft and smooth finish between gloss and matte. Colors and whites remain natural – whites will be white. This is a good compromise where contrast is wanted, but reflections are a problem. Available on sizes up to 20x30”.

Silver Gloss

Since there is no white coating on this material, any area that would be white or light on the image allows the aluminum to be seen through the image. This is great for photos with metal objects. Combining the metal look with blacks or intense colors makes a very dramatic, almost 3-D, effect. The look varies dramatically with lighting conditions. Available on sizes up to 16x20”.


Metal Prints are available in sizes from 4x4” - 40x60”. We also offer circle, as well as a Benelux and Milan shapes to add an even more unique look.

Finishing Options:

Harold’s Photo’s Metal Prints are extremely durable and can be displayed without laminating or framing. We offer several display options.

Easel back

A metal easel back is attached to the back allowing it to stand by itself on a table or counter. Use for 4x4” - 8x12” prints.

Wall mount

This is the most popular method of display. A mounting block with either a keyhole hanger or sawtooth hangers is attached to the back of the print allowing it to be hung on the wall with a nail or screw. Once hung, it appears that the image is floating from the wall.


Frame your metal print with a 5/16” wide, 1 5/16” deep black or white frame. A ¼” space between the metal print & the frame makes it look like it’s floating.


Stand-offs add a fresh and modern feel to the metal. Stand-offs are ⅝” diameter, 1½” long and placed 1” from the edge of all four corners of your Metal Print.

Designs & Shapes:

Stacked Metal

We offer backgrounds that can be mounted behind your image to create stacked metal. The aluminum is mounted to a block that is set off from the background material. Then the background can be mounted to another block that offsets it from the wall. This creates a very dimensional and dramatic effect.

Background materials available include:

Stacked Collage Prints allow you to showcase more than 1 image. These are available in several sizes & layouts with 3-6 of your favorite images.


We offer 2 different sizes of Circle, Milan or Benelux shapped metal.


We have several collage arrangements that are pre-built and available to you under the layouts tab from our Collage Collection. Select Metal Print sizes are available from 5x7" to 40x60".

Customer Favorite!

Our 16x20 Metal Print is our most popular size and recommended by our customers.