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metal prints

metal prints

Our premium metal prints are made by transferring your image onto specially coated metal. This process allows for the rendering of crisp details and rich colors with excellent durability. Add a frame to finish off the look of your metal print.

~ Are you looking for specialty metal prints, such as split metal, collages and stacked metal with designs? Click here to browse that section!

Select your orientation and choose your size from the dropdown. Choose any additional options and hit Create Now to order your prints!

Flat Metal Product Details

• Available in sizes 4x4" to 40x60"

• ¼" Rounded Corners

• Optional ¼” wide, 1” deep frame available in 2 finishes

• Display-ready with hanger and bumpers to protect your wall

• Magnet or Easel Stand available in sizes 4x4" to 8x10"

• Metal Stand-offs available on sizes 11x14" and up

Frame Finish

Available in 2 finishes: White or Black.

Metal Finish

• White Gloss | Glossy surface for great detail and color

• White Satin | Minimal glare with great detail and color (not available on 16x20" or larger prints)

• Silver Gloss | Glossy surface shows through the image (not available on 16x20" or larger prints)

Size Price
4x4 $14.99
5x4 $14.99
4x5 $14.99
6x4 $14.99
4x6 $14.99
5x5 $19.99
7x5 $19.99
5x7 $19.99
12½ x 5 $24.99
15x6 $39.99
8x8 $34.99
Circle 8x8 $29.99
Modern 8x8 $29.99
8x10 $34.99
10x8 $34.99
Vintage 11x8 $29.99
Vintage 8x11 $29.99
12x8 $39.99
8x12 $39.99
20x8 $59.99
25x10 $89.99
Circle 11x11 $39.99
14x11 $59.99
11x14 $59.99
Vintage 16x11 $49.99
Vintage 11x16 $49.99
11¾ x 11¾ $49.99
Modern 12x12 $39.99
18x12 $69.99
12x18 $69.99
30x12 $109.99
16x16 $79.99
20x16 $79.99
16x20 $79.99
24x16 $99.99
16x24 $99.99
24x20 $109.99
20x24 $109.99
30x20 $129.99
20x30 $129.99
36x24 $189.99
24x36 $189.99
40x30 $249.99
30x40 $249.99
60x40 $399.99
40x60 $399.99

Image Enhancement

up to 12x18" | $9.99

16x16" to 24x36" | $19.99

30" & up | $29.99


Upload your photos from your computer/device or access Instagram, Facebook and Dropbox photos right from our editor.

Image Enhancement Option

We will adjust your images for brightness, contrast and color.

Optional Gift Bag

Is your project a gift? We have large and small gift bags available for purchase.

Service Times

All of our photo products will be completed in up to 5 business days. You will receive an e-mail when your order is complete. View Details >>>

Rush My Order

Expedited service is possible to meet special requests. A RUSH FEE of 20% of the total order price with a minimum of $10.00 will apply. Please contact our production lab prior to submission for expedited service approval.

Shipping Your Order or In-Store Pickup

Harold's Photo Experts is happy to provide mail services to our customers or you may choose to pick up your order at one of our 2 locations at your convenience. View Details >>>