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Meet Our Harold's Photo Team
Of Big Picture Thinkers

Harold’s Photo Experts, for people who want better pictures. Focused on providing the best customer service and producing the highest quality products to celebrate your memories. We can transform both old and new images into custom photo gifts, photo books, calendars, greeting cards, along with a large selection of prints in various sizes and finishes. Do more with your pictures… PRINT them. SHARE them. DISPLAY them. PRESERVE them. Picture perfect possibilities.

Bob Hanson

After graduating college at the University of Nebraska, Bob joined the family business along with his father, uncle and cousins. Ultimately, Bob took over the company and built nine very successful camera stores with mini-labs. Bob continues to help the next generation transition into a web based and production company with a smaller retail presence.

Davis Hanson
General Manager

Davis has been with Harold's for 20 years. His main goal is to make sure the sales staff and stores run smoothly. Come on in, he loves a chat! Davis graduated from the University of Lincoln Nebraska. Davis wears many hats and can be found just about anywhere from the camera counter, warehouse to wrapping canvases in our frame shop.

Andrew Hanson
Fast Signs

With over 18 years employment, Andrew has been everywhere from production lab management, store services, but, lately his focus has been on our Fast Sign franchise in Sioux City. Andrew graduated from the University of Lincoln Nebraska. Also filling in where ever help is needed, Andrew continues to help grow the family business.

Emily Erfman
Director of Operations

Emily has been with Harold's for over 19 years, working weekends through college at Augustana. After graduating school, Emily gravitated toward marketing, IT and operations. Currently, Emily's main focus is to help create a website that matches Harold's rich history of photo and the "factory" that produces it ALL! Plus, she's Lennon's mom... see below.

Director of Marketing

Lori has been with Harold's for 10 years. She started in the production lab retouching and restoring photos. Later Lori moved into our Marketing department where she got Harold’s online presence in the social media world. She still manages our social media sites but has also taken over the management of our website and designs ads for all other advertising avenues.

Merchandise Buyer

Gene has been with Harold's for 43 years. He started as a sales associate at the downtown location then later moved onto the Empire Mall as a store manager. In the late 80’s Gene moved onto the 41st location as the store manager. For the last 12 years he has been the buyer and warehouse manager. In the many years of Gene’s career here at Harolds, he has also taught a number of classes and coordinated several events.

Support Manager

Teresa worked at Harold's for 8 years in our sales department. She decided to go a different path and left us for about 6 years and returned to our sales department taking on the role of our 41st street and 10th street supervisor for the last 14 years. Teresa takes care of customer service, scheduling & special projects.

Camera/Creative Expert

Brett has been at Harold's for 6 years. Brett started out at our 41st Street location and worked for 2 years. He decided to explore other options and left the company for 13 years. He later decided to come back and work for us. He has flip flopped between our Meadows and 41st street locations for the past 4 years working on our sales floor where he helps customers order products on our website and is a camera expert.

Creative Expert

Ann has been with Harold's for a total of 4 years. She started at our Meadows location where she worked for 2 years and later moved over to our 41st location working in the sales department helping customers with the ordering process.

Creative Expert

Connie has worked part-time at Harold's for 14 years where she helps customers on the sales floor order products from the website.

Camera & Creative Expert

Steve has been at Harold's for 14 years. He works on our sales floor where he helps customers order products on our website and is a camera expert.

Creative Expert

Deanna has worked at Harold's for 32 years. She started out at our Empire Mall location working in our Portrait Studio, the mini lab & sales. Later Deanna moved onto our 26th Street location where she became the Supervisor along with taking photos in the studio there. She worked at the 10th Street, Louise, and currently at the 41st & Prairie location where she works on our sales floor.

Camera & Creative Expert

Marty has been at Harold's for 6 years. He works on our sales floor where he helps customers order products on our website, is a camera salesman specialist and does our camera repairs. When Marty is not on our sales floor you can find him teaching classes, holding workshops and working some of our special events.

Digital Technician

Jenny has been with Harold’s for 23 years. She started out in the Video Lab taking pictures of still photos and turning them into home videos. Later she moved into the Production Lab where she now restores and reproduces old photos, creates photo books and greeting cards.

Digital Technician

Diane has been with Harold’s for 19 years. She started out working part time in our Prolab where she later became full time producing large format prints from negatives. Diane currently works in our Production Lab printing photos from slides, negatives and large format negatives and also runs our shipping department.

Digital Technician

Cindy has been with Harold’s for 20 years. She started in our Prolab developing and printing film which she still does a little bit of but has now transitioned into printing digital photos, scanning film and slides and archiving photos from phones and camera cards.

Digital Technician

Sandy has been with Harold’s for 37 years. She started out in the Photofinishing Lab, then later became the Prolab Manager. She currently works in the Production Lab. Some of her daily tasks include large format printing, photo archive scanning, and gift production.

Office Dog

Lennon is an 8 year old King Charles Cavalier and resting is his main focus. Such a sweet boy, a slow walk out for a potty break is about all the excitement needed for this guy. No one has ever heard him bark... okay once, he was outside and it was super hot.

Camera & Creative Expert

Cameron has been with Harold's for 18 years. He started at the Southern Hills Mall store, which soon moved to the Southen Square location. He split his time between the Marketplace and Southern Square locations for several years, and became aquainted with many customers from both areas of town. Cameron takes care of the store supply ordering, teaching point & shoot classes, as well as sales and customer service.

Camera & Creative Expert

Nicki has been with Harold's for 18 years. She started in 2001 at the Sioux City Marketplace location as a part time employee when she was in high school. In 2008, she joined the So Square location where she was a photographer and in charge of running the portrait studio. In addition to sales, scheduling and customer service, she currently also teaches our SLR classes & takes business portraits.

Creative Expert

Jess has been with Harold's for 12 years. She started at the Sioux City Marketplace location. She joined our Southern Square location in 2013. In addition to lab production, she also does sales, customer service, and helps customers with their special projects.

Creative Expert

Rose has been a part of our Sioux City team for 3 years. In the last year, she's now helping customers full time while actively learning more about the photo industry. She has quickly become a favorite of many customers.

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